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FREE WEB HOSTING - - - is worth what you pay for it, more or less. But for just a tiny bit more...

One Buck Web Hosting

Quality fast web hosting for $12 a year.

OK, now you came here looking for cheap VERY inexpensive economy web hosting, probably because you are on a VERY tight budget, but the FREE stuff just fails to satisfy- and we don't blaim you; been there, done that. We're better than the average chgeapo hosting firm.

Here's the deal; The BASIC Web Hosting package is $1 a MONTH, BILLED UP FRONT FOR THE YEAR AS $12 USD, payable by credit card or debit card, for which you get:


We also do domain name registry; For an extra $13 bucks ($25 total) we acquire for you a .com .net .org, or .info domain.

Do you want to do this thing? Then pull the trigger, take the red pill (hey, look, it's a metaphor from The Matrix), MAKE THE DECISION TO DARE TO TRY TO SUCCEED. HIRE OUR WEB HOSTING SERVICES!

My already owned domain is:


Domain name to acquire 4 you
Customer's Email address
DARE to try.

We can upgrade the standard web hosting deal; contact us with you detailed personalized needs for a personalized quote- see the link below for contact. We got VIG baby, we can swing amazing deals.

We use Email for all contact purposes. Therefore, you MUST provide an email account NOT hosted by us for contact, just in case of an OHMYGOD event. we will get back to you within 17.3178 hours, usually much less. Our newsletter is a great way to aquire clue, so you might profit by subscribing to it:


We are the web hosting division of Freehold Marketing LLC, a closely held corporation owned entirely by a loving and devoted couple of middle+ aged cranks encroaching upon elderly(-) status. Hey, we can run it from home when we're not out and about selling stuff or organizing a grey panthers rally.

To do this, we contracted from a LARGE commercial hosting firm a BIG web server capable of hosting MANY websites doing virtual hosting- well, virtual Linux boxes, each with a server program.From your point of view, you have a small Linux web server box with Cpanel, so DON'T PANIC; Cpanel makes it a lot easier to administer your web site.

On occasion, we also sell stuff. Round tuits, USB data storage sticks, software, Ebooks, all sorts of stuff- and we have friends, if you need a referral. Our monthly newsletter keeps you appraised of what we are up to, you might like to go subscribe/unsubscribe to/from it HERE if you take interest in our brand of grumpy thinking. We are cranky, cantankerous, opinionated, freedom loving, and out for a buck, and damned intent on acquiring it- honestly. To do this, we do a lot of things.

You can get an information Email from info [AT] onebuckhosting DOT com; this is an autoresponder, and messages to it are discarded.

For instance, you are required by the deal for our web hosting to post a link on your home page, usually the footer, which leads to this web-page. It has to be visible, and legible to a normal person at a normal distance from the screen (which we define as 18 inches, which is about 45 cm. This link looks like:

This web site is hosted by BUCKAMONTH web hosting!

<a href="">BUCKAMONTH</a> web hosting!

Feel free to copy that code from this screen and paste it into your new home page. (This is viral marketing BTW, which is a REALLY Nifty concept.) Top, bottom, anyplace, as long as it is clearly visible and legible. You do that, we're happy. An example of this is in the footer of the bare skeleton we set you up with.

WE ARE CAPITALISTS BY PHILOSOPHY (HORRORS!), and we sympathize with the micro-businessman who aspires to run their own shop- whatever it might be; shoot, we even grok System-D and sympathize with all Sys-D'er's. Therefore, we give you the best deal we can and still profit from your labor. YOU want what meets your needs for as little as possible without tossing a bucket of headaches into the bargain. We- want to turn a profit. But more importantly, we want there to be a LOT of people who prefer freedom and Capitalism over regulation and Socialism. Therefore we designed this service to be exactly that- reliable, affordable, and helpful to folk like you setting out on a micro business venture. If this is a hobby, or you are starting a micro business on a thin frayed shoestring, you need to REALLY keep the costs down, which is why you are here. Welcome to the family!

We do not sell, lend, give away, or use information provided by you to solicit anyone for any purpose; any information you give us is for in house use only for functions relating to our mission of providing hosting. Your information is kept confidential, and is not made available for any reason except in obedience to a court order.

Our newsletter will contain brief offers from time to time, and a link will lead to a page with the details once that is all set up. It's simple, we just have a LOT of irons in the fire.

Our Name Servers are:

So go to your registrar and long in, and aim your domain's name server references at our 2 name servers, and give the namespace universe some time to spread the news (2-12 hours, depending on phase of the moon™ logic).


(we got this contract with the mega server farm that leases us a server what says so ya see)

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